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The Academy is designed to forge strong young leaders from our students, to impact the communities we serve and support thier positive growth. We are activly seeking students that have the drive and motivation to be the next Leaders for our times. In doing so we are bringing small towns and cities together, united for the cause. For those that don't make it as far as the Olympics, they are still assests to the communities they serve.

Self-Control & Self-Awareness

Length of Course: 1 School year (9 months)
Belts Achieved: White, Yellow and Orange

Self-Control (The ability to make positive choices free of Negative influences)
Purpose of Course: To understand and apply the ability of Self-control, to set the foundations for successful completion of the full leadership course.
Description of Course: Self-control is broken down into a series of 3 factors these factors and explained and techniques are introduced to start leaning to control these factors. As an example Emotion is one of the 3 factors. Imagine if you could control this factor and make choices free from its overwhelming presence.

Self-Awareness (Knowing where you are and what you are supposed to be doing)
Purpose of Course: To Understand and apply Self-Awareness in everyday and challenging situations.
Description of Course: Self-Awareness by its very nature is easy to understand but rather difficult to implement. Essentially it’s about space recognition teaching people to assess the space that they enter accomplish their purpose for being there and leave.

Building and understanding Confidence

Length of course: 1 School year (9 months)
Belts Achieved: Green, Purple and Light-Blue

Strength of Character (Remain true to yourself and your values despite great pressure to change.)
Purpose of Course: To prepare a foundation upon which you will learn to build healthy Confidence.
Description of Course: You will learn and appreciate the difference between False and true Confidence. Start learning the secrets to building and instilling them in yourself and others.

Confidence (Here described as knowledge with skill)
False-Confidence (Here described as Knowledge without skill)
Focus (The ability to maintain ones purpose or task despite distraction)
Skill (Here described as rehearsed Knowledge.)
Purpose of Course: To start applying all the lessons above into an effective way to build true confidence and start fading out any false confidence you may have acquired.
Description of Course: During this course you will be reviewing all the lesson above and be required to rehearse your lessons as often as possible. Confidence in its very nature is earned you will truly understand this concept at this courses completion.

Lead by Example

Length of Course: 1 School year (9 months)
Belts Achieved: Dark-Blue, Brown and Red

Strength (The ability to perform mental and physical feats as needed to make positive changes in your life, as well as overcome any adversities to that change.)
Integrity (The ability to lead yourself and other with complete honestly and absence of any ulterior motive.)
Purpose of Course: To learn how to lead yourself and others thought the power of example and positive thinking.
Description of Course: During this course you will start assisting the instructors in implement a variety of lesson to the other students you will be monitored and then privately coached to help become a strong leaders.

Other Advanced Additional lessons

Keys of Success

Dealing with bullies

Law of attraction


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