Welcome to The Academy Family of Programs Designed to Improve you qualiy of life.

The Von Der Becke Academy Corp:

A program inspired by people like you and tailered to bring out the best in its Members. We use a Very engaging teaching style to implament our way of life program, to make this teaching even better we deliver this knowlegde with vessel of taekwondo both olympic and traditional styles blended beautifully with hapkido akido and weapons forms.


The Simple life :

Weather you are a business tring to find a better way to collect money or steamline your operations, or a homeowner looking to life a simpler life by eliminating your daily stress. The simple life is the Program for you we accomplish this through a propritary system that literally removes all the annoying time consuming teadious activities from ones life and replaces them with smiles and time for family and/or freinds.


Send us a queary about any of our programs. Office@thetkdacademy.com